Top 5 Best Restaurants in Canada

Canada is becoming known for more than just cold weather and national healthcare. They are becoming known for their food. There are a number of restaurants that known for serving up some great food. They have highly trained chefs and food that has flavor. These are the Top 5 best restaurants in Canada.

1. Dandylion

This restaurant may be small but the food is great. It only has room to seat 30 people. Jason Carter is the chef and the owner and he has trained with some of the best in the world. His food is simple yet tasty. A person will start with some freshly baked bread that is served with a fromage blanc. There are some great salads but the meat is the main star here. It is nicely seasoned and everything here is fresh.

2. Edulis

The d├ęcor of this restaurant are simple yet modern. This is another small place with just over 30 seats but it is well worth the wait. The restaurants gets its inspiration from French dishes and is known for its roasted foods finished with fine sauces. There are also some dishes that have been influenced by the foods of Spain. The fish and seafood are always fresh and they have a great texture. There are some dishes to try including the sashimi and the ceviche. There a chicken dishes that are baked in hay and served with truffles. This is a favorite among the fans.

3. Le Vin Papillon

This restaurant likes to serve vegetables but they are cooked in butter sauces and duck fats. They also serve chicken and harm dishes and plenty of fresh roasted and sauced vegetables. The bagna cauda is served with a celeriac dressing and is something that people should try. There is a large selection of wines and a bar that serves drinks. A person can have a great dish and get a drink with it.

4. Joe Beef

This is another small establishment and is known for well the meat. Top quality food is cooked with French techniques. The restaurant is known dishes including rabbit, Dover Sole with Perigord truffles, and sweetbread dressed with lobster sauce. There is patio seating and there is also a garden. There is a big wine list and there is a wine that will go well with every meal.

5. Alo

This restaurant is located in the downtown area of Toronto and many people would pass right by it. There is a great cocktail lounge with a small dining room attached. There is some food that will never be expected here including fresh cut pork chops and sea urchin. There is also a six course menu made up of small plates. There is also wine that goes with these dishes and meals.

These are some of the best eating establishments in Canada. They will offer a person a unique dining experience and some good food. Many offer a small setting and they are well worth the wait for the great food — read article on good restaurants downtown montreal.